Mindfulness during the Holiday Season

This time of year can be especially busy and stressful for many people.

“If during the holiday period, all we focus on is doing and overdoing, we can expect chaos,” Sally says. “However, we can choose differently. There is more to life than getting and having; with meditation and mindfulness, we can focus on being and becoming.”

See the following tips for practicing mindfulness during the holidays:

  • During holiday meals, Sally suggests slowly relishing the food, noticing its taste, color and other sensations. She encourages us to chew and swallow leisurely and try to choose more foods that come from the earth, instead of those that are processed.
  • Recall the true meaning of the holiday season as often as possible, Sally says, and instead of multitasking to get everything done, focus on completing one task at a time.
  • Looking ahead to the New Year, Sally suggests forgetting about traditional resolutions and making a list of “preferences” instead. She suggests including things like, “more travel, more volunteering and having more fun.”

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