Provide Security for Your Loved Ones and Sun Health

One way you can benefit your loved ones and Sun Health is to create a charitable remainder trust. This beneficial method of giving can provide income to loved ones for the rest of their lives or a term of years. After that, the remainder will go to Sun Health.

How It Works

  1. You decide which assets to donate. Popular options include cash, stock or real estate.
  2. You choose who you would like to benefit from the trust.
  3. Those beneficiaries receive income for the rest of their lives or a specified number of years. You could also receive the payments and invest the after-tax amount in a child’s name or allow the funds to grow until your loved one needs them, such as for college.
  4. After their lifetimes or a term of years, the remaining assets are given to Sun Health to support our mission.

How You Benefit 

  • A potential income-tax charitable deduction for a portion of the full fair market value (not the cost basis) of the assets placed in the trust, when you itemize.
  • Elimination of any up-front capital gains tax when you fund the trust with long-term appreciated property.
  • Fulfillment in knowing you made a big difference to those we serve.

To learn more about a charitable remainder trust and the benefits you could receive, please call me directly at
623-832-5582 or email me at to discuss details.

Information provided by The Stelter Company 

Sharon Thornton, JD, LL.M,
Exec. VP and Chief Philanthropy Officer

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