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FAQs about Sun Health at Home answered

By Meghann Finn Sepulveda

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, having a plan in place is essential. Sun Health at Home is a comprehensive and cost-effective continuing care at home plan designed for individuals who wish to age in place. 

Whether you already have long-term care insurance or are just exploring coverage of your future long-term needs, Sun Health at Home membership counselors Josh Freegard and Rachel Collyer explain the benefits of a continuing care at home plan and discuss how it can complement existing long-term care plans or serve as an alternative to these types of plans.

What is Sun Health at Home?

Rachel: Sun Health at Home is a nonprofit continuing care at home plan that is ideal for people age 55 and older who are reasonably healthy and independent and have a strong desire to remain in their home. We provide personalized coverage that is guaranteed for life and tailored to meet the changing health needs of our members as they age, along with support services such as community wellness classes, transportation coordination and medication management. 

The program also protects against rising health care costs.

Sun Health at Home members can feel confident knowing that a trusted wellness coordinator and personal advocate is locally based and available 24/7 to initiate benefits and navigate all aspects of care.

Can I join Sun Health at Home if I have an existing long-term care insurance plan?

Josh: Absolutely. We have several membership plan options available including those designed to complement long-term care insurance policies. Sun Health at Home can complement these plans to better meet today’s standards so members can prepare for their future and preserve their hard-earned assets.   

Rachel: Sun Health at Home can also fill in the caps and gaps that may exist with a long-term care insurance plan in areas such as waiting periods and benefit caps. Sun Health at Home provides solutions to members by eliminating long waiting periods and by not requiring a physician’s order to submit a claim and initiate care. Unlike a long-term care insurance plan, we can quickly step in, provide support and fulfill the health needs of our members when only one activity of daily living – such as eating, bathing or dressing – is identified as deficient. 

How is Sun Health at Home a more affordable option?

Josh: Most long-term care insurance plans often don’t consider the cost of inflation. Many individuals who rely on these plans have elected an expensive inflation rider to adjust the daily coverage limit. This amount typically equates to nearly half of the premium of the policy and is usually not affordable for most people. Sun Health at Home offers generous daily coverage amounts for members, which increase over time. The cost is built into our program and can be adjusted as needed.

Can I qualify for a continuing care at home plan if I did not qualify for long-term care insurance?

Josh: There are some financial and medical qualifications that individuals must meet before they can join Sun Health at Home, including the ability to live independently and have no current signs of cognitive impairment or serious health conditions that could require long-term care in the near future. 

Rachel: We take a general overview of an individual’s lifestyle and review their medical records from the past two to five years. Unlike a long-term care insurance plan that may deny people who suffer from diabetes or asthma, Sun Health at Home accepts individuals who are appropriately managing these common health conditions. 

What if my health changes?

Josh: Once you are a member, we help you to navigate each health situation and provide the coverage you need for short-or long-term caregiver assistance, medically necessary transportation and other supportive care services. Our program provides peace of mind, which is especially important to those who wish to remain at home so they have a much greater chance of being successful. 

Rachel: Sun Health at Home is intended to be a lifetime program. We are committed to making sure the home is the safest place for our members. While the goal is to prevent the need for facility-based care, it is available at Sun Health’s three award-winning active Life Care retirement communities in addition to access to preferred providers for members who live in areas outside of the West Valley.

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