Functional Comfort On 5D

Leaders from Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center surveyed hundreds of staff members, including nurses and physicians, to get feedback on how to build a better progressive care unit on the fifth floor, D tower.

“We wanted their ideas on how to improve the patient experience, privacy, efficiency and overall quality of care,” says Mary Smith, R.N., director of Progressive Care Services, which includes two existing units in the medical center.

The new progressive care unit will incorporate several features suggested by staff to improve workflow and patient and family satisfaction. Here’s a short list.

  • Each room features windows with scenic views.
  • Artwork will feature peaceful Arizona nature scenes.
  • Corridor lighting will be on the walls, versus the ceilings. No harsh lights will shine in patients’ eyes.
  • Bathroom walls will be angled versus square, making it easier to maneuver wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Bathrooms will have sliding doors with frosted glass. Showers will be large and easy to access.
  • The central telemetry room will be larger than existing rooms and feature an exterior window, and a break area with a sink and microwave — all new amenities.
  • Staff will be able to do patient testing on the unit.
  • Extra staff and visitor bathrooms will be added.
  • Each patient bed will be loaded with high-tech features to improve comfort and foster healing.
  • The unit will have two medication rooms and two nourishment rooms.
  • Linen cabinets will be spaced throughout the unit for convenient staff access.

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