Keys to Successful Living

Are you living a resilient life? You should be!

Maybe you’re one of the lucky folks who was born to be resilient. Or maybe you’ve worked hard to learn how to bounce back from adversity. Either way, you are reaping big rewards by living resiliently.

Resiliency is at the core of Masterpiece Living®, a cultural approach to healthy and successful aging that we support at Sun Health. Experts say resiliency boosts mental hardiness, social connectivity, positive emotions and happiness.

Dr. Roger Landry, a preventive medicine physician and president of Masterpiece Living®, recently visited our Sun Health community to talk about the importance of resiliency and making successful changes.

This generation has faced many significant challenges. Change, Dr. Landry says, is an ever-growing part of our lives.

As we age, change is more the rule than the exception and resiliency is vital.

Consider the person who was married for 50 years and now is living alone. He or she spent decades mulling decisions with their spouse and now must learn to be a successful decision maker. Or think about the man with age-related vision issues. He can choose to give up the things he loves or keep those interests alive with special accommodations.

Our ability to be resilient comes, in part, from genetics. But 70 percent comes from our choices.  If we make the right choices, we can make successful changes.

Jackie Lusson,
Corporate director of sales for Sun Health Senior Living 

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